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138                             SHIPPING PRACTICE

Dock dues. Charges made upon shipping for the use of docks.

Draught. Depth of water necessary to float a vessel.

Dumb barge. Barge without sail or motive power.

Dunnage* Material (wood, matting, etc.) used in stowing cargo
either for separation or for prevention of damage.

<Lw. Deadweight.

E.C.CJP. East Coast coal port.

E.C.U.K. East Coast, United Kingdom.

Embargo. Government order for prohibition against sailing of
vessels from certain port.

ex. Out of.

Excise. Duty charged on home produced goods before sale to

Ex facie. According to documents.

Ex Quay. Buyer is responsible for charges after delivery on quay.

Ex snip. Selier pays freight to port of destination. All other
charges for account of the purchaser.

F. & d. Freight and demurrage.

La. Free alongside.

!,a,e. Fast as can.

f.e.fc s. Free of capture and seizure.

f.d. Free delivery; or free dispatch.

fJ.&, Free into bunkers; or free into barge.

f.Lo. Free in and out.

Flotsam* Goods lost by shipwreck and found floating on sea.

!.0.h.  Free on board.

f.o.e. Free of charge.

Founder. To fill with water and sink.

Lo.w, First open water. A term used in connection with ice-bound

Lod. Free of damage.

Form 0. American charter-party for cotton trade.

Franco. Prepaid.

f.r.& c.C.  Free of riots and civil commotion.

trt. Freight.

IJL Free turn; or full terms.

G/A* General average.

Gross tonnage. Vessel's internal space measured in units of
100 cub. ft.

Oronndage. Charge made for permission to anchor.

Hogged, When the two ends of the ship droop lower than the
part amidship.

Hold. A part of the interior of a vessel below decks in which cargo
may be stowed.

Home trade. British Isles and Elbe-Brest range of ports inclusive,

Indemnity* Security of compensation against loss or damage.

Inherent vice. Defect due to the nature of the object.

In transitn. On the passage.

Inward charges. Charges incurred entering a port, e.g. pilotage,

i.T, Invoice value.

Jerque note. Certificate issued by Customs officer that he has
inspected the vessel, and is assured that all cargo has been delivered,
and none remains on board.

Jetsam. Goods which have been thrown overboard for the purpose
of lightening the ship.

Jettison. To throw overboard.